10 - Digit Dialing in the 419/567 area code
Beginning 12/1/2000, phone customers in the 419 area code may begin using 10-digit dialing to call local phone numbers. Starting 12/1/2001, 10-digit dialing must be used for local calls. This includes computers.
To change the phone number for your internet connection, follow these steps:

1. Double-click on [My Computer].
2. Double-click on [Dial-Up Networking]
3. Right-click on [internet connection icon]. The name of the icon could be anything representing your personal internet setup.
4. Click on {Properties}
5. Something like the following screen will appear. The name, phone number, and modem may be different.
6. Click in the white box under Telephone number: to the left of the current number. There will be a cursor blinking in front of the old number. If you have trouble clicking in such a tiny spot, click anywhere in the white box, and press <Home>. This will take you to the beginning of the number also.
7. Type in the proper area code. Unless told otherwise by your internet provider, it should be 419.
8. Click on [OK] and close the Dial-up Networking window.

Note the placement of the area code in the example below. This forces the computer to dial the number correctly. The dashes are not really necessary, just used for clarity here.
Note: 'Use area code and dialing properties' is not checked.